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A Downtown Indianapolis Wedding | Indiana Wedding Photographer | Keegan & Maggie

You know those romantic movies we all know and love? The ones where the main characters just ooze love to a point where you just know this isn't real life? Well, Maggie & Keegan are those couples. Their love and joy is so obvious, and so contagious that you find yourself just smiling and laughing right alongside them.

Now that I get to be a photographer and a venue owner, I get to enjoy the couples I work with even more. Having Maggie & Keegan as a couple I got to work with extensively was a real joy and honor for me! Scrolling through this blog, I think you will find yourself smiling in pure joy right along with the couple.

Of course having the privilege of working with a couple as a photographer is amazing, but adding that I got to be the venue owner & coordinator for them as well was just the icing on the cake! Maggie & Keegan had a gorgeous luxury style with a mix of blush & greenery for the perfect spring wedding.

Right before the ceremony, Maggie wanted a private first look with her dad.

And of course, privately reading letters from each other made us all even more emotional.

From their sweet ring warming table, to the flowing greens and stunning light, this ceremony was set to be amazing. Not to mention the emotions and love the entire room could feel!

Now tell me, what would a wedding day be without a fabulous bridal party?

I love that Maggie & Keegan chose to stay right around the venue for photos. There are so many little places tucked around the area you can use. From the South Circle Farm directly across the street, the building itself, and the various street art backgrounds, you can really find something unique.

Of course we had to stop by the champagne wall before heading into the party!

Ivory Foundry just looks so pretty in pink!

Now it was time to get the party started with music provided by Wedding DJ's of Indiana, amazing food by City BBQ, and a delicious cake by Confetti Cakery.

Now we all know 2020 was a tough year, and what better way to stick it to the virus than a C19 Piñata?

And with that, it was time to say goodbye! Best wishes to the newlyweds, we will always remember your perfect day!

Catering: City BBQ

Popcorn: Just Pop In!

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