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Garfield Park Conservatory Engagement Session | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Josh and Kerstin

In the dead of winter, in the frozen tundra we call Indiana, it can be very hard to find great locations for engagement sessions. Kerstin & Josh decided to enjoy a bit of warm weather inside the stunning Garfield Park Conservatory in Indianapolis, IN.

The flora & fauna indoors perfectly complimented the beautiful love these two share. You see, Josh made his proposal ultra-romantic. He had Kerstin meet him at his office downtown Indy, but when he didn’t come out, Kerstin realized there was bouquet there and it happened to be for her. The paper that the bouquet was wrapped in happened to be a letter leading her to another location downtown. The letter led her around downtown to many of their date spots and more bouquets. Finally, Kerstin found Josh in a heart of lights on one knee to pop the big question. Kerstin’s response, "Yes! Yes, please!"

These two have an incredibly strong bond forged with the strength of god. That common faith binds them together so deeply, I can already see how stunning their big day is going to be.

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