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Nevada Engagement Session | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Matt and April

If you know me at all, you know I have a severe case of wanderlust! If I could photograph everyone in different states and locales allover the world, I would be in heaven. I think this is why April and I hit it off so well. You see, I have known April for several years now, and this adorable lady has traveled much farther and wider than I. She truly enjoys the constant changes in scenery and she loves visiting abandoned places.

We started our session off in a ghost town out in the middle of nowhere Nevada. I say the middle of nowhere, but we were only about 30 minutes outside of the strip in Las Vegas. So yes, it doesn't take going far to find some awesome spots!

Of course, April is also a dog lover so we had to include this handsome guy in some of the pictures!

Both Matt & April are involved in the aviation industry, so we had to tie some of the plane crashes into the shoot!

As we were driving to this location, we passed a dry lake bed right off the highway. Of course we had to continue our session at the second spot. The wind was kicking, but that just made it even more gorgeous!

I cannot wait till your 2020 wedding day! Of course, at another super awesome location!

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