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About Us

Dog loving, Pizza eating, love capturing lady!

A long time ago, I picked up a camera. I won’t say exactly how long because, well, that would just make me feel old! I will say it has been since high school. I picked up a camera and loved it. I loved how it felt capturing moments and freezing them in time.  I focused on automotive photography for many years, even created an automotive magazine.  After photographing a friends wedding I was hooked! I absolutely loved every single minute of it. I cried with the bride and groom, I felt their love and the love of their friends and family. I decided I wanted to live my life documenting love.

I met my husband through photography and eventually trained him to become my second shooter.  Now we enjoy spending every weekend together documenting other couples love stories.


You have so many options in photographers for your wedding it can be tough to make a decision.  I understand!  I want to make your process as simple and happy as possible.  My goal is to make your experience fun, relaxing, and perfect in every way.  I absolutely love what I do, I truly have the dream job and it shows in our images.  With over 100 weddings done, we can provide you excellent images that you will love forever.


As you look back on your wedding photos throughout the years, you will relive your wedding experience again and again through the emotion and detail captured by Beth Waterman Photography.  We are a husband and wife team who love an airy style with vibrant colors.  We strive to be your photographers, your friends, and the rock you can count on in your planning process.

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