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A Historic St Joseph Hall Wedding | Indiana Wedding Photographer | David & Gabby

Saturdays spent with loving couples are so amazing. We were even more amazed at the love and joy David & Gabby had surrounding them for their big day. It may be fall in Indiana, but it sure felt like summer when we arrived at David & Gabby's church, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Gabby chose to wear her mothers wedding gown, which is just so so lovely. I truly adored this gown as it had a stunning vintage vibe with a modern feel.

You could really feel her mom's love and emotions as she helped Gabby dress for the day. We watched Gabby read a special letter from David, the emotions these two have for each other are just so deep and loving.

Shortly after reading her letter, it was time to walk down the aisle toward her future with David. We enjoyed their ceremony so much. Father Richard shared lots of stories about the two of them, and their dedication to their church and each other.

David & Gabby made their get-away to the awaiting limo along with their bridal party to head to the reception hall downtown Indy!

We asked David what he loved most about Gabby, he said "Gabby is incredibly passionate about me, her family, her job, and our relationship. She is willing to put 110% effort into everyone and everything."

When we asked Gabby what she loved about her groom, she said "David is the most caring and selfless man I have ever met. His motivation and focus is unmatched. He is my one and only!"

Once we all arrived downtown, we started the evening off with their bridal party. Let me tell you, this group was SO MUCH fun! We laughed most of the time, even when we tried to be serious. So of course, I had to share some of the fun photos!

When it was time to photograph just the couple, it was a very natural process. Their normal interactions with each other are just so lovely that we really didn't have to guide them much!

David & Gabby loved the architecture of the the Historic St Joseph Hall. We have to agree with them that the warmth and overall look of the venue really suited their vision.

Gabby's eye for detail really showed in the venue. She included touches of greenery, wood, and white & gold accents for decor. It was warm and inviting and we couldn't wait to enjoy the evening with them.

The open balcony in the venue really provided some lovely viewpoints for their first dance also!

Indiana wedding photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

Reception Venue: Historic St Joseph Hall

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