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A Non-traditional Wedding | Indiana Wedding Photographer | Chuck & Jess

I have so many things I can say about Chuck & Jess's sweet and non-traditional big day. They are such an adorable couple and I love that they chose to make their wedding day theirs alone, and honor the blending of their families.

It all started in Auburn Indiana at the Hoosier Air Museum.

We loved that they chose this venue because they are both automotive lovers (like Rich & I) so the combination of aircraft along with the vehicles that would be arriving later in the day was the perfect combination!

Jess chose to wear Chucks on her big day, and I loved the subtle accents of copper mixed in with all the colors of her bouquet. Did I mention she made them? She also chose a non-traditional gown. I loved the floral appliques on the dress as Jess works in automotive upholstery. I felt like the dress was so true to her!

Chuck also tied in chucks (because all Chucks should wear chucks right?)

When it was time to get dressed, Jess was surrounded by her best girl friends and her daughters. Chuck was surrounded by his friends and his son.

Their ceremony was sweet and simple and filled with laughter and warmth. Watching Chuck's reactions to Jess coming down the aisle were just so sweet and priceless.

We loved the subtle funny moments Jess's aunt Rita tied into the ceremony, along with their writing vows for each other.

Instead of a mid-ceremony unity, they chose a toast instead! We loved that their club-mate rolled the cooler down the aisle and had us all in laughter.

Now, these two surprised us yet again by choosing a private unity ceremony to represent the blending of their families. Instead of during the ceremony, they chose to do a paint splatter immediately following with just the kiddos. Now, I could rave about these kids all day if you let me. They are all so sweet, and their family just naturally comes together.

When we asked Chuck what made him fall in love with Jess, he said "She’s the first person (besides my kids) that taught me how it feels to want to see her happy. I focused on myself in past relationships but her drive to take care of me makes me want to give her anything that makes her happy."

When we asked Jess what made her fall in love with Chuck, she said "His unconditional support of me in anything I do, sense of humor, and any time he laughs."

These two had such an amazing bridal party surrounding them on their special day. We laughed so hard and so much along with them.

In to the reception we went!

We enjoyed a fabulous taco bar, along with some super emotional yet hilarious speeches. Then it was time for the first dance!

These rule breakers chose to combine their first dance with an anniversary dance. We loved seeing all the couples celebrating, but who could top this lovely couples 54 years?

From first dance, to family dance! I cannot imagine a family blending together better than this crew.

Time to have some more fun! These two had us cracking up with their newlywed game. Ditching the traditional shoes, Chuck and Jess chose bobble heads instead!

Now there was a suprise for these two in store. You see, they are Friends fans. Not everyday Friends fans, but HUGE Friends fans. Imagine their surprise when they had a rendition of Smelly Cat sung to them.

There was so much more fun this day, but I am going to end this little blog post with some of our final shots. We had such a great time you two, and I am so glad we got to send the day with you! Keep on breaking the rules!

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