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A Romantic Wedding Day | Indiana Wedding Photographer | Joshua & Megan

We had the great pleasure of documenting Megan & Joshua's big day. These two are very deeply in love, and very deeply driven to succeed. We loved their romantic feelings all day along with how much their friends and family loves them.

We first joined them at Megan's family home for preparation. This was a lovely place to prepare for their wedding day and allowed the family to help.

Megan was also escorted by her adorable, and extremely photogenic furry friends Flash & Brie!

When it was time for a little first touch, they had plans to prank each other. Little did they know, they BOTH had the same plan and managed to have a hilarious moment.

But then it was time for the couple to share a moment of touch. I love this idea as it really helps to settle the bride & grooms nerves on their big day. Something as simple as a touch is perfect to feel connected. Then, Joshua read Megan a letter which was so sweet, we were all a bit emotional.

It was time to head to the church and get these lovebirds married!

We packed up and headed to The Bridgewater Club for their reception. But first, it was time to capture the bridal party in their fun spirit!

After a wonderful start to the day, it was time to head into the party. And boy, what a party it was! These two had a great time with their friends and family, emotions ran deep, and we just felt that family spirit all day.

We said goodbye with one last shot. We will be wishing you love in your new lives together!

Indiana Wedding Photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

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