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A Union Station Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Collin & Angela

Our Sunday began a little differently this week as we headed downtown Indianapolis to enjoy a very special day with Collin & Angela. The sun was shining, the temps were perfect, and the love was so incredibly warm.

We joined Collin & Angela at Union Station for their wedding. This venue is incredible to say the least, but even more so when you know how important the location is to them. You see, the brides parents went to college at ball state, one lived in Columbus IN and one lived in Pittsburgh PA. The very first time the brides mom went to meet her dads parents, she left out of that train station. In addition to the family ties, the bride is a lover of Harry Potter, and tell me this venue doesn't give you all the Hogwarts vibes!

We spent the early afternoon with them as they prepared for their big moment. I loved the anticipation, laughter, and warmth they share with their friends and family.

Angela chose to do a first look with her father. They were so sweet!

When it was time for the ceremony to begin, we were filled with warmth and light from the stained glass windows on either side of the grand hall. The couple chose to fill it with fall trees and warm tones.

We were so happy with the music choices as they had a mix of Disney songs, Harry Potter, and many other choices. The bride walked down the aisle to "Tale As Old As Time" from Beauty and the Beast. Collins sweet reaction had us all a little emotional!

When we asked Collin what his favorite thing about Angela is, he said "her laugh"

When we asked Angela her favorite thing about Collin, she said "his sense of humor and his unconditional love."

Their bridal party was a blast to hang out with Sunday. Can you tell from the images?

Collin and Angela met on March 4th, 2016 at a university neither of them actually went to, and immediately hit it off. After finding out that they lived only 15 minutes from each other, he quickly asked her out on their first date. They noticed quickly that we are two very different people, but that they absolutely loved the differences they had.

When Collin proposed they had been together two and a half years. He popped the question at a park right across the street from their home with their closest friends and family present.

During photos the amazing staff at Union Station flipped the room for the party. We loved the touches of gold and greenery they used to compliment the room.

Collin & Angela chose mini bundt cakes for their big day which fit the fall season perfectly.

We had one last shot in mind for this adorable couple. We wanted to celebrate their love and capture the grandeur of Union Station. Sending you two lots of love!!

Indiana Wedding Photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

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