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Siesta Key Destination Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Todd and Macie

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Endless skies, azure water lapping at the shoreline, sandy beaches, and sunshine warming you up from your head to your toes... Sounds like a dream, yeah? Well, that was the recipe for Macy and Todd’s wedding held at Siesta Key Beach in Sunny Florida. Obviously, it was a deliriously perfect, photo-worthy day.

This particular couple is very near and dear to my heart as Macie lived right next door to my parents. She has always been such a sweet lady with a genuine heart of gold and I was so honored to be chosen as her photographer.

This love story is so deep and connected it may melt your heart. As a matter of fact, I have agonized over this blog post for two weeks trying to decide how I was going to shorten their words into an appropriate blog post. I have decided instead to just share with you what they each wrote. Do you have your kleenex ready?

Macie's story:

When Todd first got his license his dad was ever so kind to let him drive his Dodge pick-up truck over to my house. With a few friends, we did donuts in my backyard. I got in big trouble for that...go figure. Todd always had a way of getting me in trouble...or at least convincing me to do things I knew I shouldn't. Somethings will never change. :) Little did I know a year later I would fall in love with him. In May of 2009, Todd sent me a Myspace message asking if I wanted to hang out sometime. The next day he met me in the parking lot of good ol Mooresville High School. That day after school I followed him home in my little barbie car. Our first date consisted of watching the Flinstones and rushing me home before his parents got home from work. (Real romantic story) On May 16th, 2009 he kissed me for the first time and said, " well are you gonna be my girlfriend now or what?" How could I possibly say no to his beautiful blue eyes? High school was fun! He played football. I cheered. We ate Taco Bell almost every day. We both had 12 o'clock curfew. He was constantly grounded. I wrote probably 90% of his papers. (sorry teachers) My name in his phone was, "Hot Macie"...thank goodness we have transitioned from that.

We ventured off to college where eventually we went our separate ways for a little bit. However, every single time we would come back to each other. I remember nights when Todd would call me nonstop 20 plus times. ( it was like he knew I was on a date and wanted to make sure and ruin it for me) I'm sure I had my fair share of returned favors. Well played Preston. In my heart, I believe God knew we would always be together but wanted to work on us each individually until we were just that much more perfect for one another. Todd joined the Army . Todd had heard rumors that there was a chance he might get sent overseas ( Army stuff). I begged him to let me come see him. When finally he said, " hey, want to come see me for Thanksgiving??" You know I booked a flight that day. I spent the most amazing 8 days in El Paso with him. The second I got off the airplane and saw him, I cried. Not sad tears. The happiest tears that could possibly be cried. My heart was full. In his arms I whispered, I'm going to marry this man. Todd told me maybe 100 times that trip that he was never letting me go again. I reassured him that I would be patiently waiting for him no matter where the Army sent him. I cried like a baby leaving El Paso (most refer to it as Hell Paso). I found out later that the day after I left El Paso Todd went and got me a ring!

I went back to Hell Paso a few weeks later for a Military Ball that was indeed canceled like 3 days before it was suppose to take place. Once again one of the best vacations of my life. We stayed at a Red Roof Inn next to a Gentlemen's Club. We ended up at a Spanish-speaking soccer game when trying to go to a Hockey game....but yet still to this day one of my very favorite vacations. I guess I knew then that I would never have another boyfriend or other man in my life. He is my person. My soulmate. My other half. Todd is the one person that can beat me at Disney Trivia. He might actually be more obsessed than me. He loves Christmas just as much as me! Which that is hard to top. Todd is fun, loving, a pain in the butt, and gives me a run for my money on being sassy. He is the man and best friend I've prayed for. Our engagement was real similar to him asking me to be his girlfriend....he asked me if "I was gonna be his wife or what?" NOOO totally joking. I can't remember for the life of me a thing he said other than, Macie Lin and I love you. Well Preston Todd Hacker Jr, I love you too. I can't wait to be your Mrs. Macie Lin Hacker.

In Todd's Words:

I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I talked to Macie, I was so nervous. She was beautiful. It went from me saying hi to her every day in the hallway and getting a kiss after lunch, to being inseparable. We always had the best dates whether it was a trip to Olive Garden, BWW, or our favorite Taco Bell!! We have been through everything together.... and so many vacations. (So the beach wedding is fitting) I remember one day I was riding in the truck with my dad and told him "I was going to marry that girl". Look at us now.... ENGAGED.

I love you so much, Macie Lin! We are so strong together. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. You are my best friend. I can tell you anything and you make me a better person. I'm so happy you are going to be part of my family. Everyone in my family loves you so stinking much. I remember my grandma always asking me, when was I going to be back with you? Or asking where you are? I guess she knew all along we would be back together. We had our time apart, and this time I think we both grew. God was kind enough to bring us back together.... for GOOD. I love you so much and I cant wait to say I do. You are my soulmate and the best part of my life! Welcome to the family baby! Macie Lin Hacker has a pretty good ring to it :). I love you to the mountains and back! March 3rd, 2018 its going to be the best day of my life.

Well now that I am crying over here, maybe we should switch gears and show off some of these amazing images eh? This wedding had it all, from a fun loving bridal party to a super loving family. Add that to a fun crowd that really truly enjoyed the entire day from start to finish. It is so hard to narrow this down to a few images, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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