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A Very Special Project| Indiana Wedding Photographer | Waterman Homestead

Creating things has always been an outlet for me. I can remember even in childhood finding the most fun in helping my had with projects. Everything from building decks, working on cars, or just tiny projects around the house. This was always my happy place. As I got older, its always been fun for me to go back to my childhood and all the little building lessons my dad shared with me.

If you follow me, you know building a scene is something I love to do. I love creating a fully styled session for my clients to really create a special image. My greenhouse is no different! When I built it last summer, I had an idea of having a sheltered space with outdoor light, but boy I did not see this plan coming.

Welcome to my boho paradise! I was inspired by an idea, an idea of finding a little space full of peace in all this chaos. Little did I know, I was also creating a perfect spot for sessions too!

Step right in to this little slice of heaven! My main goal was to create this with scraps of materials and items I already had laying around. Re-purpose & reuse is huge!

Believe it or not, I had all of this just hanging out. The curtains were used in my home studio. The flowers and decor are just misc items I had for previous shoots. How did they manage to all work so well together? I must have had a vision!

I have always dreamed of having an outdoor bed. I love the idea of kicking out in the sun and reading a book. Maybe enjoying a glass of chilled sangria and eating fruit?

I built this bed, yes you heard me, I built it from scraps of wood I had bought previously. It was a little hard to size up for a mattress since I just had to wing it, but it wound up fitting a full size perfectly. By the way, the mattress is the only thing I purchased to bring into the space. But, I followed guidelines and ordered it from Wayfair!

My daughter helped me choose a stain color. She knows me and my love of the ocean so well, and this shade of blue reminds me of that gorgeous turquoise gulf water when I see it.

Lets chat about this hanging piece of art! OK I have to admit, this may be one of the coolest things I have created. I LOVE this one. If you are local here in Indiana, you may have heard we had a tornado a week or so ago. Well, we also have a huge maple tree in our backyard. The wind blew down a ton of limbs and I just kept thinking it was a shame to just burn them. So I took some branches and some miscellaneous crystals and materials I had laying around and just went for it! I am so in love!

Throw in some lights and you have the perfect little backyard escape! Oh.. and a great place for photos even in the dark!

If you need me during this craziness, I will be here reading my book! I hope to get you in for some sessions soon!

Indiana & Florida wedding photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

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