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An Intimate Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Mark & Carol

When it comes to Mark & Carol's love, the limit does not exist. There are those couples you meet when you know immediately that their connection is deep and profound. Rich and I spent the day yesterday with these lovebirds, along with their large family at their home in Mooresville. Their home is a retreat in itself, with its wooded surroundings and creek flowing through it.

It was such a joy spending the morning with them. Carol was giddy as a school girl, skipping through her home and laughing with her kids. Mark was the typical nervous groom who wouldn't sit still. You could simply feel the energy running through both of them.

Their wedding day involved the help of their family. Every detail was thought out and completed by people who love them both.

Carol's ring really encompassed their family connection, it is a topaz (Carol's birthstone), red ( her favorite color) and has 6 smaller topazes which represent their combined 6 children as well as hearts carved into it.

When it was time for both of them to get dressed, the energy became tangible. Both Carol and Mark were grinning ear to ear in anticipation of binding their hearts and families together in an unsolvable equation.

Carol's incredible bouquet was the perfect mixture of florals and greens complimented by pages of their favorite books. Mark chose to tie in his love of mathematics with his socks covered in equations.

When it was time to gather for their ceremony, every guest was treated to Carol's joyful giggles and Mark's glowing smiles.

Mark & Carol chose a small bridal party of just their two closest friends, Beth and Rick.

When we ventured off for portraits, Mark surprised Carol with the cutest gift. You see Carol has wanted a cow skull for their property since purchasing it. Mark left a box in their home for months and told her it was a surprise. While we all secretly wished for a sloth, it just so happened that a simple cow skull brought the sweetest and most glowing smile to her face.

We headed back to the reception where we were treated to gorgeous centerpieces, each with its own knowledge theme and stunning wildflowers. We enjoyed dinner and dancing as well as gorgeous plated mini cupcakes made by Carol's daughter.

All great days must come to an end, but we sure wish Mark & Carol a love that lasts to Infinity and beyond!

Catering: City BBQ

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

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