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Bridal Boudoir | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | A Bride's Best Friend Blog

Lets chat about bridal boudoir! In the last several years I have worked with many, many brides (both my wedding clients and not) on their boudoir sessions and I have always heard a lot of the same questions. Hopefully after you read through this blog, you will learn more about what bridal boudoir is as well as gain some helpful info that may convince you to get out of your comfort zone and give it a try!

1. What do I bring?

Well this is an easy one to answer, whatever you want! But in reality, I do have some good advice on this. As a bride, you are likely planning to gift your special someone with a gift of these images on the big day, right? So, you should bring along items that you will be using on your wedding day.

I often encourage brides to bring their wedding day lingerie, garter, veil, and shoes at a minimum. But take it one step further if you want to document it in its fullest. You can also bring along the perfume you plan to wear that day, your jewelry, and that gorgeous gown of yours!

A second outfit is a must! I always include two looks in bridal boudoir sessions. One that suits the wedding day, and something just for fun. A second outfit adds some variety to the big day.

(secret insider tip… Spray your perfume on a piece of vellum and put it inside the gift box for your boudoir book. The smell will always remind them of your wedding day, and of that super sexy book you gave them)

2. Is hair and makeup really that important? How about spray tans?

YAS GURL! Let me tell you what a difference professional hair and makeup can make!! Not only does a professional know how to bring out your best features, but the confidence boost you get is so worth it! Here in my studio, I use Simply Blue. I demand professional, licensed artists only in my studio and Diana blows every session out of the water. She is always willing to work with my clients and find a look that suits them best.

Spray tans are something I actually deter people from doing. Let me clarify, MACHINE spray tans are terrible! They leave you orange and splotchy no matter how good you are at them. This winds up causing your beloved photographer much more work in the end with trying to fix and balance that spray tan. However, if you choose to go to someone who can airbrush tan you, then by all means please do! They look natural and flattering with NO ORANGE!

3. Should I research my own poses?

This is a sensitive topic for most photographers. Keep in mind, we are creatives, we have our own styles that we prefer, and we also know what flatters different body types. While I would never tell you to NOT research, I do ask that you understand that what you see on Pinterest is likely not what you will see with the same pose. Every body is different, and what flatters one body does not flatter another.

But, having knowledge in advance of your session is always great. Look for things like facial expressions, hand positioning, foot positioning, dynamic lights, etc. These are great things to know in advance and can help you be more physically aware.

4. What do I do with my face?

OK secretly I am giggling inside because I hear this on every single session I do. I giggle because I believe we as women, automatically assume that we always need to make a sexy face in boudoir. But, quite frankly, we don’t! Ladies, sometimes a smile is sexy. Sometimes, its just parted lips. I promise, I will take care of you and make sure your expression matches your pose!

5. Do I have to be a super sex kitten? Because I am really not comfortable with that…

NOPE! Ladies you don’t have to do a single thing you aren’t comfortable with. Your significant other loves you for you. He/She loves your smile, your quirks, all the little things that make you who you are. So, don’t feel the need to push that edge if you don’t want too. It will show in pictures if you are uncomfortable! In my studio, I shoot light and airy and fun. I prefer more casual boudoir, and my clients value that experience.

For me personally, bridal boudoir is an amazing experience that celebrates a gorgeous bride before her big day. It is an experience that should boost your confidence and raise your self-esteem before you walk down the aisle. If you choose to do a session with me, I promise you will have fun and love the experience! Let me help you see yourself the way the world sees you, gorgeous!

Our studio is naturally lit and all white. It was built with women in mind and you will glow!

Hair & Makeup: Simply Blue

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