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How to choose your perfect wedding venue | Indiana & Florida Wedding Photographer

Lets be honest here, choosing your wedding venue is probably the biggest wedding planning decision you will have to make. Your venue sets the tone for the whole day, and every decision will be based off the aesthetic you choose! So how do you choose?

First, lets chat about wedding styles. When you sit back and think of your big day, do you envision sleek and modern, luxurious and sparkling, or maybe rustic and down to Earth? Once you get an idea on how you see your wedding day, you can narrow it down a bit to different venue styles. So what next?

The where of it

Couples now-a-days have so much more ease when choosing a wedding location. You can stay local within your town, stay within your state, or travel abroad! With so many options, you have to ask what is most important to you. If you live here in the midwest, but always dreamed about a wedding on the beach, you will need to look into destination weddings. This may reduce your guest list as friends and family may not be able to travel with you. Most couples choose a local venue that is central to all of their friends and family.

Get an estimated guest count

Wait? Get a guest count before you even choose a location? Oh yes! Knowing how many guests you want to invite can have a huge impact on your venue choice. If you want a small intimate wedding, why choose a huge venue? But if you want the party of the year filled with everyone you know, that adorable little chapel isn't going to do the job.

Narrow down dates, or better yet a season!

Chosing a date is huge when it comes to selecting a venue. Here in Indiana, you wouldn't plan an outdoor wedding in December. In Florida, you wouldn't want in outdoor wedding in July. Knowing what season you want can really help you choose the type of venue you want. An even better note, do not lock a date into your head until you have chosen a venue, go in to your venue tours with an open mind (and calendar) this way you can get the venue you want! One thing to note, be aware that if you are choosing a wedding date in spring or fall in the midwest, you are likely competing with a very high demand. Flexibility is key!

The dreaded word... budget

Maybe you have always dreamed of that wedding in the city with the view of the city behind you surrounded by 500 of your closest friends and family, but when you dreamed of that did you know how much that would cost? Knowing your budget is huge, whether its big or small can really help you set expectations and not feel sad or overwhelmed when making the choice.

So what are your options? Lets switch gears a little and chat about five of the different venue types!

Rustic Barns

Barns are always a great option! Gone are the days of being limited to burlap and mason jars. Barns have steadily progressed into unique styles that are a category of their own. From shabby chic, to vintage, to industrial. The options are numerous!

Historic Venues

Historic St Joseph Hall Indianapolis, IN

One of the most interesting venues out there these days are historic buildings that have been converted to venues. You get amazing architecture and unique styles when you choose one of these venues.

Gardens or Parks

If you are anything like me, you are in love with all things flowers. I just love the scents and the sounds of the wind blowing through the bushes. Choosing a garden for your venue is a whimsical choice. Pro tip! Don't be afraid of the weather! You can always add a tent to the venue so you have coverage in case of rain.

Mansions and Private Estates

Deer Park Manor Bloomington, IN

I am combing these two together since they are so similar. Of course who hasn't seen the dreamy private mansion weddings on TV? The appeal is huge as you basically have a blank slate with tons of opportunities to customize it to your taste. Aside from the mansions, you also have the options of home properties. If you have lots of property, why not consider an outdoor wedding at home?

Industrial and Modern Spaces

Industry Indianapolis, IN

Industrial spaces have become hugely popular these days. The tall ceilings and brick touches just add a super cool touch to your wedding day. If you love all things urban, this is totally the space for you! They are truly a blank slate that you can choose decor in any style.

Whatever you choose, just know that your day will be full of love, laughter, and family that loves you!

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