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Our studio | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Welcome friends!

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Did you know we also own a gorgeous little studio? Well now you do! It all started when I got tired of paying rent for a studio I really wasn't all that fond of. You see, I primarily shoot boudoir in studio, and nothing beats natural light for the female form. So when my lease was up. We decide to build a little studio on our home property!

While we built originally in 2018, we welcomed 2019 in with updated decor and (my favorite) stunning white floors. When I say the studio glows, I am not kidding!

I tried to think of all the comforts a lady could want, or a nursing mom! So we opted with a client welcome area equipped with coffee and snacks to make you more comfortable.

We also updated storage this year to hide away as many props as we could, as well as adding some little touch's to reflect the brand itself!

Of course, nothing, and I do mean nothing tops the shooting area itself. With the luxurious mauve armchair and white bedding perfectly accented by a real crystal chandelier, you really can't get better than this!

Come check out the studio and have some gorgeous photos that will stand the test of time!

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