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The Barn at Crystal Spring Farm Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Steve & Maria

This past weekend was unseasonably warm in Indiana. I wonder if it was because of Steve & Maria's love for each other? These two were such a pleasure to be around, and we truly had smiles on our faces all day long sharing this special moment with them.

They chose The Barn at Crystal Spring Farm for their big day and it was the perfect venue for their vision.

I loved Maria's gown choice! It fit her so well and was the perfect combination of vintage and elegant.

Maria paired her gown with red velvet heels and sparkling rose gold accents.

When it was time to get dressed, you could tell these two were super excited for the day to start!

Maria chose to share a special first look with her dad. These two were absolutely adorable.

Then it was time for Steve & Maria to share their special moment together. Steve's reaction leaves no need for words.

We spent some time capturing portraits with them after their first look. You would think that their excitement would have been relieved a bit but they were so anxious to tie the knot!

Off to their perfectly timed sunset ceremony we went! We loved the touches of greenery that matched the season paired with their cozy blankets to keep guests warm.

Maria & Steve had their adorable doggos walk down the aisle as the designated flower dogs. They did a great job!

If you think a first look takes away the emotion of seeing each other walk down the aisle, Mara & Steve proved it wrong

When we asked Steve what his favorite thing about Maria is, he said "We’re a team. She’s always on my side. She’s the first person I’ve ever been with that I know 100% that she will always be there for me. She can always cheer me up, or make me feel better when I’m not feeling well. She’s my best friend!!!"

When we asked Maria her favorite thing about Steve, she said "His personality. At first glance he looks like a serious guy, but once you get to talking with him he's so goofy! He can always make me laugh, even on my worst days! He's a big gentle teddy bear! I also love that he is so outgoing. I'm a little more quiet and shy, but he talks to everyone and it helps me open up more. I really appreciate that about him!"

They chose to surround themselves with a group that perfectly complimented their fun personalities. The bridal party helped us throughout the day and we couldn't be more grateful.

Then it was time for some stunning fall sunset pictures with the newlyweds. Indiana Sunsets did not disappoint this day and the light was so perfectly soft.

Its time to get this party started! We loved the fun touches of their reception paired with the warm ambiance of the venue.

When the formalities were finished up, it was time to open the dance floor! We had some amazing dance-offs, some epic dance skills from the bride and groom, and just a general good time.

Saying goodbye is so hard, so we shared some final evening moments with this incredible couple.

Indiana Wedding Photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

Catering: Condado Tacos

Brides Gown: Blue House Bridal

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