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The Crystal Coop Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Mackenzie and Coleton

It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday. It was definitely hot, but thank goodness The Crystal Coop is such an amazing venue and cares about their clients so much that we had a nice cool barn to photograph inside of.

We arrived and immediately were blown away by how gorgeous the inside as well as the outside of the venue are. Knowing Coleton & Mackenzie, we expected a beautiful wedding, but we definitely did not expect to walk in to such an organized and lovely decorated space.

Mackenzie and her lovely friends were already in the bridal suite and wrapping up preparations when we arrived. They were such a welcoming and warm group, and I really enjoyed having some quiet down time to get to know them.

I absolutely loved chatting with Mackenzie about her dress. Her face just lit up when she was telling me about the sparkly belt and lace. When combined with her amazing gold shoes, and sparkling accessories, she was truly a vision.

We decided her gal pals should see her all at the same time and these girls had priceless reactions to seeing Mackenzie in her beautiful gown!

And then it was time! Mackenzie and Coleton felt strongly that they did not want their guests waiting while they did photos, so we decided that a first look was a great fit for them. Mackenzie was so anxious to see Coleton, and his emotions did not disappoint. They are such a sweet couple!

We had so much fun photographing these two. Their love is almost palpable and they glow when they look into each other's eyes.

Then it was time for their ceremony. I wish I could write well enough to truly describe the ceremony in all of its beauty, but I don't know that any words can accurately describe it. The storms were rumbling in the background, you could see the storm moving closer and closer but it never rained, not a single drop fell on their ceremony.

Coleton vowed to love Mackenzie even when she is hangry, and Mackenzie promised to never stop writing her vows. We loved watching them do a branding as a unity ceremony!

With thunder rumbling overhead, they shared their first kiss in front of their closest friends and family.

It was time to head indoors and get the party started with this lively crew! We enjoyed their grand entrance as it was done a little differently. Steve (the DJ) shared their love story with the crowd. He spoke about how they met at Greek's Pizzeria when they were 17, how Coleton proposed in Wilmington, NC, and how everyone could see the deep connection and love they share.

We were thoroughly entertained with their spin on the Newlywed game. These two got just about every single answer correct! Not to mention the silly moments we got to share laughing with the couple.

Now if you live here in Indiana, you saw the incredible sunset! You better believe we had to catch that moment.

And then it was time to say goodbye. I hope your love story is endless and full of pizza and puppies!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

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