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The Quaint Home Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Sam & Riley

Riley & Sam are such a darling couple. Their day was so full of love and laughter, and it was absolutely contagious. They chose Sam's family property for their big day which really helped bring that personal touch. I absolutely loved all the family touches, as well as their deep love for each other.

Their love is deeply rooted in their faith, we loved their family taking special moments to pray over the bride and groom.

Riley's joy at marrying her dream man was so evident throughout the day. I cannot say I have ever seen such a joyful bride who was literally giggling with excitement all day.

Sam & Riley chose their two closest friends to stand with them. It was such a sweet and intimate group to spend the day with.

I asked the newlyweds to tell me their love story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Our love story is anything but traditional. It all started when God told Sam to pray for his future wife while he was in Australia and while I was still living in a Florida. Soon after he started praying, I moved home. His parents have a church in their home which I started to attend shortly after moving back home to Indiana. He moved home from Australia a few months later and I knew immediately that I was in love! I was saying to everyone around me “will Sam marry me already?”

Around Christmas time I asked Sam to go to lunch. He chose chick-fil-a and after that is was off to the races! He invited me to spend New Years with him at his parents house and five days later we were dating! Sam enlisted into the Army National Guard and has been away since May 6th and finally returned home October 10th! Just in time to put the finishing touches on our big day.

Then it was time to head inside and enjoy their reception with their closest friends and family.

The cake was cut, the food was eaten, and it was time for Sam & Riley to head to their honeymoon. Of course we had to end the night with a few final images!

Indiana Wedding Photographer: Beth Waterman Photography

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