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White Castle Valentines | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Victor and Chelsea

Valentines day has become pretty commercialized in this day and age. It seems every company out there has a crafty way to make money from love in the most exorbitant way possible. White Castle seems to have found a way to embrace the love and romance of Valentines day without the debt to credit ratio that other companies bring on.

Our experience with White Castle was actually pretty sweet. The staff at the White Castle we chose was extremely helpful and super excited to be hosting the annual Valentines dinner reservations. The restaurant was decked out in all the colors of love, and the staff was geared up in shades of pink and red to celebrate.

Of course, what would Valentines be without a gorgeous couple to celebrate it. Chelsea & Victor are getting married this year and they are pretty known for their sense of humor and love of life. They were the PERFECT couple to just relax and be silly at the Castle.

For their first course, they enjoyed a gourmet meal of chicken rings, and Victor decided to put a ring on it. And, take a bite out of said ring!

What would White Castle valentines night be without some sliders to top it off?

These two had me laughing the entire time. Thanks so much for reading along and enjoying these images with us. Of course, a huge thank you to the staff at White Castle for letting us in with the camera gear :)

Location: White Castle

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